Extraordinary Tree Inventory Project

Montgomery County Extraordinary Tree Inventory Masthead

The County’s tree inventory is being collected by the Planning Commission to provide a dataset of historical, tall and unique trees in the County. This map has also highlighted parks, nature preserves, etc. in which an abundance of valued trees remain.

The Planning Commission would like to collect data of extraordinary trees in Montgomery County to develop a living inventory. If you are aware of any tree that you think may qualify please submit information following the Tree Submission Guidelines.

A number of extraordinary trees are known to be on certain parcels. However, the exact locations are unknown. If you are aware of any trees that you think may be misplaced please contact the planning commission and provide the existing mapped location, and what you feel should be the correct location, instead of creating an additional data point.

In addition, the Pennsylvania Forestry Association maintains a list of Champion Trees in Pennsylvania at pabigtrees.com. Its compilation includes over 1800 Pennsylvania trees listed by location, species and size. The 182 trees listed on PABigTrees in Montgomery County have been joined to this map.

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