Community Based & Aftercare Supervision

    Supervision Area E-mail Phone #
Darlene Ayres Supervisor Western Region 610-631-4172
Robert Kuzmick Supervisor Eastern Region 215-784-5436
Jennifer Ungarino Supervisor Central Region 610-631-4149


The Juvenile Probation Department provides supervision to youth who have been placed on formal probation (post adjudication) or offered a consent decree (adjudication withheld).  Each youth is assessed for risk using the Youth Level of Serivces (YLS) inventory, and supervision/treatment is tailored to needs and strengths on an individual basis.  Community-based probation officers are assigned cases based on location, with the exception of a specialized unit designated to youth who have sex offense-related adjudications.
 Community-based supervision entails establishing and implementing collaborative goals for each youth, making referrals to appropriate service providers (when applicable), and imposing accountability measures for youth who are in violation of probation terms.  Based on risk level, community-based probation officers visit with youth  and their families on a regular basis (ranging from weekly to monthly). These visits take place in schools, homes, the Juvenile Probation Office, and places of employment.  In order to comply with the Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) principles of competency development, community protection, and victim accountability, the community-based probation officer reassesses progress on a regular basis, updating goals when needed.


Aftercare Supervision provides the youth with support from the time that they are released from residential placement until they are released from the Courts supervision. The officer will work with, and monitor the juvenile by having a relationship with the youth, parent/guardian, school and local police departments. Depending on the youth’s risk level the youth will be seen once a month, twice a month or more if needed. The youth will have their case heard before the Court every six months to review the progress the youth is making.