Birth Parent Information

Considering Adoption

Are you a biological parent considering adoption for your child? 

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After Termination of Parental Rights

Even after the termination of your parental rights, you have the right to make information available to the adoptee through the Court and a statewide adoption information registry. You also have the right to choose to redact your identifying information from the original birth record. 


You may choose whether you would like the Court to share your identifying information with the adoptee who is 18 years or older, or the adoptive parent or legal guardian of an adoptee who is under 18 years, upon their request by completing the Birth Parent Authorization to Release Identifying Information and Request Contact form. The Court will only disclose your identifying information with your permission on this signed form. You may submit this form, request information, update information to reflect any changes, or withdraw the authorization to release information with the Court by contacting Orphans' Court Administrator Matthew Pio at or (610) 278-3952.

Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry (PAIR)

You may file medical, personal or social history information with the Court and with PAIR (Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry, Department of Public Welfare) at any time. This information can be shared without disclosing your identifying information. Your identifying information will not be released by the Court or PAIR unless you have filed a separate authorization permitting its release. An adoptee who is 18 years or older, or the adoptive parent or legal guardian of an adoptee who is under 18 years of age, can obtain this personal, social and medical history information, as well as identifying information if you have chosen to release it.

PAIR Forms to register, request information, update information, authorize the release of information, or withdraw the authorization of release of information with PAIR can be found HERE.

Birth Record

The Department of Health will issue a non-certified copy of the original birth record to the adoptee over age 18 at their request. The document issued will include the birth parents’ identifying information unless the birth parent files a notarized redaction request form with the Department of Health and also files the statement of medical, personal, and social history information form. Additional information and forms can be found online HERE.

If you should have any questions regarding information available to adoptees, PAIR, or the forms mentioned here, please contact  the Clerk of Orphans' Court, at or 610-278-3400.