GIS Steering Committee

The focus of the GIS Steering Committee (GISSC) is to provide high level programmatic decision-making related to the county enterprise GIS program. GIS Projects, goals, and funding are just some of the operations guided by the GISSC. The GISSC is led by the GIS Manager under direction from Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

The GISSC is comprised of directors from the following offices:

      • Montgomery County Commissioner’s Office
      • Montgomery County Planning Commission
      • Montgomery County Office of Information Technology
      • Montgomery County Department of Public Safety
      • Montgomery County Office of Assets & Infrastructure
      • Montgomery County Office of Health & Human Services
      • Montgomery County Board of Assessment
      • Montgomery County Commerce Department

GIS Technical Committee

The role of the GIS Technical Committee (GISTC) is to improve operational efficiency of GIS data and applications, establish long-term data development goals and standards, and to contribute to the daily operating procedures of the enterprise GIS. The GISTC is made up of GIS users from various county departments. The committee recommends system and data improvements to the GISSC for review and authorization.