Montgomery 1st

Montgomery 1st is a public/private partnership that was formed to act a forum to facilitate education, interaction, and mutual aid logo for Montgomery Firstopportunities for Montgomery County businesses, industry, and government. Its main purpose is to increase the community’s resilience in disaster situations. The program is part of RPCfirst (Regional Partnership Council), an umbrella organization which fosters collaboration on homeland security and emergency management issues with business continuity interests of the private sector.

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and the Montgomery County Commerce Department actively work with members of Montgomery 1st to help accomplish its mission, which is to:

  • Encourage public and private sectors to form cooperative partnerships to enhance a community’s resilience, safety, security, and critical incident preparedness
  • Create public and private sector understanding of mutual goals, resources, and commonality
  • Assist in the development of joint emergency planning and preparedness between business and municipalities
  • Serve as a resource on critical incident preparedness and emergency management planning
  • Facilitate the exchange of information regarding the effectiveness of risk and threat assessment, levels of preparedness and response planning within business sectors

Some of the recent topics that have been presented for discussion to the members include cybersecurity, winter weather awareness, and preparedness/safety issues associated with the Limerick Generating Station.

Membership in Montgomery 1st is free! Businesses of all sizes are invited to participate in the partnership.
The only things your business may be asked to provide are:

  • Meeting space
  • Speaker for a meeting
  • Active participation by regular attendance and suggesting meeting topics
  • Best practices or suggestions for collaboration of continuity of operations plans for members
  • Light refreshments for a meeting

Help us expand our Montgomery 1st community! Click here to send an email with any questions or to inquire about membership.