Appeal from District Court Summary Conviction

Traffic & Non-Traffic Citations

The defendant has 30 days from the hearing date to file a summary appeal in the Clerk of Courts Office.

If the 30 days has passed, a Nunc Pro Tunc may be filed. A Nunc Pro Tunc filing asks the court's permission to file late. If the Nunc Pro Tunc is granted by a judge, an appeal can then be filed.


    • The cost of a Nunc Pro Tunc is $90.25 (non-refundable).
    • The summary appeal cost is $65.50 (non-refundable).
No personal checks are accepted.

Required Information

Information needed by the defendant to complete the appeal form:
  • Amount of money paid to the District Court
  • Charges
  • Citation number
  • Court number
  • DJ docket number
  • Hearing date found guilty
  • Name and address of District Court
  • Name and address of police officer
The Court Administrator's Office will notify you of your court date.