Fire Advisory Committee


The Fire Advisory Committee provides advice to the Director of Public Safety on fire service plans, supports training program evaluation efforts, oversees repairs to the Montgomery County Fallen Firefighter Memorial, and promotes the Fire Academy Training programs and ensures their quality.


  • John Kelly (Industrial Representative, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • Richard Schwartz (Volunteer Firefighter, Term Expires: 12/31/2022)
  • James Staufenberg (Volunteer Fire Chief, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • Frank Colelli (Career Firefighter, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • Ken Shuler (Fire Chiefs Association, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • William Jenaway (Citizen at Large, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • Kevin McCann (Career Administrator, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • George Wilmot (Volunteer Fire Co. Administrator: 1/21/2023)
  • Roy Nuss (Fire Academy Instructors, Term Expires: 1/21/2023)
  • Greg Breyer (Fire Marshal, Term Expires:  1/21/2023)
  • Michael Burton (Training Officer Assoc., Term Expires:  1/21/2023)
  • Thomas O'Donnell (Municipal Fire Officers)    
  • Deborah Feairheller, Ph.D (Educational, Term Expires: 5/16/2021)
  • Matthew Traynor (Volunteer Firefighter, Term Expires: 5/16/2021)
  • Andy Block (Volunteer Firefighter, Term Expires:  1/21/2023)

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