Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council


The Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council assists the County office of EMS by reviewing policies and procedures prior to implementation and coordinating different organizations and elements of the EMS system.


  • Michael Campeggio (Fire Chief’s Assoc., Term Expires: 4/20/2022)
  • Albert Vagnozzi (Public Consumer, Term Expires: 4/20/2022)
  • Dr. Stephen Pulley (ED Physician, Term Expires: 4/20/2022)
  • Margaret McGoldrick (Hospital Admin, Term Expires: 4/20/2022)
  • Terry Ciccarone (Emergency Nurse, Term Expires: 4/20/2022) 
  • Vacancy (EMT at Large)
  • Vacancy (American College of Surgeons)
  • Vacancy (Representative)
  • Vacancy (Montgomery County Ambulance Assoc.)
  • Vacancy (Police Chief’s Assoc.)
  • Vacancy (Regional Medical Director)

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