Board of Managers of the Youth Center


The Board of Managers is responsible for the management of the Montgomery County Youth Center, a 48-bed coed residential facility where 10- to 18-year-old juveniles reside while they are awaiting juvenile court hearings. The primary objective of the Board is to provide for the physical and emotional well-being of all residents through a safe and secure environment, psychological/medical diagnostics, and treatment.


  • Amy Grossman  (Commissioner’s Designee – Appointed by Winder Chair)
  • Jeff McCabe  (Judge  Vice-Chair  - Second Term - Term Expires – April 16, 2024)
  • Leonard Blazick, Esq.  (Controller’s Designee - Appointed by Sanchez)
  • Michael Chambers  (Commissioner’s Designee - Appointed by Gale)
  • Tom DiFerdinand    (Commissioner  - First Term  - Term Expires – January 20, 2025)
  • Turea Hutson   (Commissioner’s Designee - Appointed by Lawrence)
  • Thomas Nolan   (Judge First Term - Term Expires December 21, 2025)
  • Dr. Vernon Ross, Jr.   (Judge  First Term - Term Expires – February 25, 2026)

Agendas & Minutes

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