Board of Prison Inspectors


The Montgomery County Board of Prison Inspectors (Prison Board) is unique in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Board is charged with being a citizens’ oversight board for the humane treatment of Montgomery County incarcerated individuals and maintains oversight of Prison operations. The Prison Board is currently made up of seven individuals: three appointed by the County Judges and four appointed by the County Commissioners.

The Board meets once a month for inspection of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF), which consists of going through different sections of the prison to meet with the incarcerated individuals and addressing their concerns.

The inspections conducted by Board members provide a sounding board for incarcerated individuals and also the Board members are there to notice any particular patterns or needs such as upgrading the telephone system or implementing tablets with access to the internet. The Board members’ responsibility is to listen, note concerns, and observe the physical plant and overall environment of the MCCF. Each month, the Board members’ notes are given to the medical services provider and MCCF administrators for follow-up. 

The Prison Board is also included, through the monthly Board meetings, in the ceremonial recognition of MCCF Correctional Officers who have performed extraordinary service, or officers who are being promoted.  

In addition to the work as an independent citizens’ oversight board, the Prison Board also performs administrative duties, oversight of personnel, expenditures, and other budgetary items. Prison Board approval is needed for many aspects of the operation such as purchasing and contracting, as well as implementing improvements to the physical plant of the MCCF. The MCCF administration shares all serious incidents with the Board as they occur during the month, reports on the outcome, and updates the Board on changes to be implemented.  

The Prison Board has recently been involved in improvements to the MCCF visiting area, bringing electronic tablets into the MCCF for use by the incarcerated individuals, the continued automation of the computer/communication systems, and the use of the jail for virtual court hearings both prior and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prison Board meetings take place the second Thursday of every month, starting at 9 a.m.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Nancy L. Wieman (President)
  • Dr. Craig Browne (Vice President)
  • Julio Algarin (Board Member)
  • Gary Hendler (Board Member)
  • Michael Gordon (Board Member)
  • Richard J. Dresher (Board Secretary)
  • Brian Phillips (Solicitor)

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