Impact Stories


A Virtual lifeline at the end of an exhaustive search

Purpose of contact: A resident who felt she exhausted all possible resources for homeless services & rental assistance called on Community Connections as a last-ditch effort. She had exhausted 15 months of rent relief and was looking for housing stability.

Assistance Provided: Per the resident’s request, the Navicate, Theresa, connected with her via our TeleNavicate Services (Zoom). The resident stated she was immediately comfortable when she saw Theresa’s smiling face and Theresa’s zoom background picture. Theresa referred the resident to Your Way Home for a possible extension through the ERUC Program. She also referred her to a Recovery Coach at Central Behavioral Health to assist with barriers and to address goals. 

Consumer Outcome: Several days after the initial TeleNavicate call, the resident made a visit to the Community Connections office to express her gratitude towards Navicate, Theresa. She expressed appreciation for the help and that she was getting callbacks from the resources that Theresa had provided to her. She stated that she had gone through numerous resources prior to contacting Community Connections and was “so impressed by Theresa.” She added that she had a “fabulous experience“ and “Community Connections is like a lifeline for whatever scenario a person is going through.”

Advocating & Connecting results in Moving Done Right

Purpose of Contact: A county resident who was to relocate out of the state was in crisis due to her not having moving support as well as other unmet needs.

Assistance Provided: Navicate outreached to Common Ground Volunteers, Eldernet, Senior Transition Services, Brain Injury Alliance of PA, & TriState Advocacy Group. Advocacy and follow-up on resources provided as well as an exhaustive search of out-of-county and state resources.

Consumer Outcome: Due to the Navicate's efforts, the resident relocated and connected with resources in her new state. The resident added that “she thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown” with all the challenges of moving cross country. She indicated that “Hailey was wonderful and was the only one that really took the time to help her”. She went on to say “I never had anyone advocate for me like Hailey did. Hailey went to battle for me and I can’t say enough about Hailey and how much she means to me”. 

Returning MontCo Resident seeks Assistance Again

Purpose of Contact: A consumer who returned to Montgomery County after leaving an unstable housing situation reconnected with Community Connections Navicate, Annette with whom she worked previously. The Consumer needed help with numerous needs including taxes, legal assistance, housing, voting, food, unemployment compensation, and more.

Assistance Provided: Navicate Annette provided the consumer the time and space to fully explain her story and express her needs while helping to prioritize and match appropriate resources for each need. She linked the consumer to a multitude of resources including CADCOM, Legal Aid, her local state representative’s office, and more. Navicate Annette enrolled the consumer in the Person-Centered Counseling (PCC) program offered by Community Connections so that she could follow up with the consumer on the status of the resources given and offer additional guidance if needed.

Consumer Outcome: The consumer expressed her gratitude and satisfaction with the assistance she received from Navicate Annette, whom she described as “extremely resourceful and very helpful.” The consumer added that Navicate Annette gave her “all the information.... and then some,” and has shared information about Community Connections with others so that they may also receive assistance.

Gaining Access to Therapy Needs In Virtual Times

Purpose of Contact: A consumer connected to Community Connections through a partner organization, Jenkintown Food Cupboard, where she is currently receiving food assistance. After losing her second son this past December, the consumer was looking for grief counseling. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the consumer was unable to obtain in-person services as she had intended and was in need of an alternative.

Assistance Provided: Navicate Theresa answered this consumer’s call with kindness, empathy, and determination to assist. The consumer completed an application to receive an Assurance Wireless phone, which would provide her with a way to receive therapy telephonically. Theresa also went over options for grief counseling with the consumer.

Consumer Outcome: The consumer was approved for a phone from Assurance Wireless and is currently waiting for it to arrive so she can begin virtual services. Regarding her interaction with Theresa, she said, “I have had a weight lifted off of my shoulders because of her…I feel like I have a new light at the end of the tunnel, that I’m going to get relief, and get help. She went the whole nine yards.”

Making Connections During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Purpose of Contact: An older individual contacted Community Connections during the COVID-19 pandemic looking for assistance in obtaining food by delivery and for opportunities for socialization. The consumer lives alone, far from her children, and is also coming out of an abusive relationship. After looking into numerous community agencies and trying to reach someone who would be able to help her situation, the consumer called Community Connections. 

Assistance Provided: Navicate Carol immediately returned the consumer’s call and was incredibly warm, compassionate, and calming when speaking with her as well as knowledgeable about what community services could assist. Although the consumer was not eligible for several programs, Navicate Carol connected the consumer with RSVP of Montgomery County to receive assistance with grocery shopping and to participate in their friendly phone calls program.

Consumer Outcome: To make sure that the consumer was indeed connected to the resource referrals and to see if there are any additional needs, Navicate Carol has kept in touch with the consumer. The consumer has expressed how “swept away emotionally” she was by the empathetic and caring assistance she received. When asked if she would recommend Community Connections to others, she stated, “In a heartbeat!” - SK


Purpose of Contact: A woman and her children recently moved to the Montgomery County area from Florida. As a survivor of domestic violence, the consumer reached out to Community Connections after learning about the program through the Office of Public Health. She was looking for a range of services to help in her battle with depression and suicidal ideation, her physical disabilities, D&A issues, and resources for her children.

Assistance Provided: Navicate Tori provided a safe space and empathic ear that allowed the consumer to feel comfortable sharing her needs. She was able to link the consumer to an array of services including the Women’s Bridge Center, the Recovery Learning Center, SOAR to receive disability advocate, AA and NA groups, and Mitzvah Circle for clothes and items for herself and children.

Consumer Outcome: The consumer has been able to receive services from all of the resources Navicate Tori connected her with and has continued to reach out and update Community Connections on her progress. The consumer expressed her appreciation for working with a program that treated her in a non-judgmental way and has been sharing the program with other folks she meets through the resources with which she is involved. “I already see that Community Connections is a beautiful thing to the community.” - CH


Purpose of Contact: An older gentleman whose wife passed away 3 years ago, recently moved to Montgomery County to be closer to his daughter and family. The consumer got in contact with Community Connections looking for counseling services as well as places where he can socialize with others.

Assistance Provided: The Navicate discussed with the consumer potential resources that would meet his needs. The Navicate connected the consumer with the Lincoln Center for Family & Youth’s Elder Victim Mobile Support program for counseling, as well as the local YMCA and senior center for socialization. Since his initial conversation with the Navicate, the consumer has continued to stay in touch with Community Connections to give updates on how he is doing with the resources that were provided, as well as to link with other services for additional needs he has identified.

Consumer Notice: “I had no experience with any government agency in my life. I came here and didn’t know anyone. I connected with (Navicate) by chance. She was so nice and helpful and has been incredible. The experience has helped to change my whole situation; it’s a big deal. With Montgomery County, it’s incredible. I never imagined that there would be programs and people like this who can help out. I would absolutely recommend others folks to contact Community Connections.” –Richard, age 79


Purpose of Contact: An individual in a homeless crisis connected himself to a Navicate because he was unaware of the local agencies that could assist with housing and also mental health supports.

Assistance Provided: The Navicate and the consumer contacted several social service programs to inquire if the consumer would qualify for their housing/mental health programs. Although he was ineligible for several programs, the Navicate continued to advocate for the consumer who regularly stopped into the Navicate office. The Navicate provided on-going encouragement and support to the consumer until he felt his needs were met.

Consumer Outcome: The individual has been connected with a local resource, Your Way Home, to assist with housing location. He also accessed mental health services from a local agency. The individual found that having a Navicate in his town was a great benefit as he could access the services easily. In addition to the resources, the consumer stated he was thankful for the Navicate’s dedication, advocacy, and continual encouragement throughout the process.


To protect the privacy of certain individuals the names and identifying details have been changed. The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Community Connections does not endorse individual providers or services. Therefore, any reference herein to any provider or services by name does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation or approval of the Department.