Montgomery County began eRecording in Fall 2006. 

eRecording is an efficient, cost effective and secure way to record documents. It allows you to record documents same or next day without ever leaving your office. Your document is received electronically through our Public Access System. eProcessing is done at the County in the same manner as all other documents received for recording, but the documents are returned to you electronically the same or the next day and are available immediately through out Public Access System. 

At the present time Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds is offering several eRecording options through our eRecording partners:

eRecording Partners Network

eRecording Guidelines:
• All documents submitted for eRecording must be original documents.

• All documents must be scanned in 300 or greater DPI so the document is legible. Documents must be scanned in black and white print and as TIFF images. You can check with the eRecording vendor for proper settings. If we receive a document, and the image is not legible or has markings that obscure the image, it will be rejected.

• All parcels numbers on all documents must first be registered with the Montgomery County Board of Assessments. If the parcel number is shown on the document anywhere it must be registered unless it is for reference only and that must be stated next to the parcel number on the document.  Please consult the Montgomery County Board of Assessments for all questions regarding ownership and registration and mapping of Parcel Identification Numbers. 

• For documents with more than 3 parcels up to 10 parcels, a blank page may be needed if there is insufficient room for the Board of Assessment to apply parcel identification stickers. The blank page will be an additional page and should be included in your page count fee.

• Only 1 Statement of Value Form is needed for eRecording. Check with your eRecording provider for scanning instructions. Simplifile customers: The Statement of Value Form must be scanned under the affidavit section, separate from the document.

• Always review documents after scanning to check for errors, ie. pages scanned out of order, upside-down pages, or missing pages, etc. Documents will be sent back if there are submitted errors in scanning. 

• Please call 610-278-3870 the same day if you feel a rejection is in error so we may review and determine if the rejection fee should be returned.

Documents that CANNOT be eRecorded:
• Documents with more than 10 parcels cannot be eRecorded. They must be submitted by mail or over the counter.

• Deeds with a Trust - Trusts often have personal information and when a document is recorded electronically, it is automatically available to the public. We send trusts with an Affidavit of Value directly to the State. It is not a document to be put out on Public Record.

• Mortgages in default cannot be eRecorded as these documents tend to be too large in size for eRecording purposes.

• No more than 10 documents in a package.

• No more than a total of 100 pages for an eRecorded package. We have increased the number of pages allowed, but any additional pages may cause a problem with retrieving the file.

• Plans cannot be eRecorded at this time.

• Post Construction Storm Water Management Documents cannot be eRecorded at this time.

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