The Office of the Treasurer welcomes you to view our services and responsibilities here on our website.

The Treasurer is the custodian of all county funds. Payments of county taxes and fees, state and federal grants, and other monies due the county are received and deposited by this office.

The Treasurer is responsible for payment of all funds on proper authorization for obligations incurred by the county. Investment of county funds is also handled by this office.

As an agent for the state, the office sells licenses for hunting, fishing, dogs, bingo, and small games of chance. It also collects the 4% hotel room occupancy tax for the county's Convention and Visitors Bureau.

In addition to being the custodian of all county funds, the Treasurer is Chairman of the County Investment Board, Treasurer of the Employee Retirement System, and a member of the Depository Board. The Treasurer is also the Director of Tax Claim.

Information about delinquent tax collection is available through the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau.

We are located on the sixth floor of One Montgomery Plaza directly across from the Courthouse.

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