Montco Trail Challenge

MONTCO Trail Challenge

How to Register

Join us for the 8th annual Montgomery County Trail Challenge! The Montco Trail Challenge will run April 29 – December 3, 2023. Register here!

1. Sign-up!

2. Get Out and Go!

  • Get out and go! Visit any of the 17 participating trails and look for special markers at the entrance (trailheads).
  • Record each symbol you find on your trail card.

3. Turn in Your Results!

You do not have to walk, run or bike the entire trail to get credit for the challenge – just visit and enjoy to earn your recognitions!  

How many trails can you visit by December 3?

Benefits of the Montco Trail Challenge 

Montgomery County boasts over 92 miles of trails that connect greenways, waterways, and heritage. Most Montgomery County residents are located within a few miles of a wonderful trail experience!

A survey of 2022 Trail Challenge participants found:

  • 87.88% visited a new park or trail
  • 90.10% learned something new about their community
  • 84.00% walked more 
  • 30.00% biked more 
  • 13.79% ran more 
  • 84.16% improved their physical health 
  • 96.00% improved their mental health 

Track Your Progress on Social Media

Use social media to post your pictures, recognitions, and encourage your friends to participate. Use the hashtag #MontcoTrailChallenge when you post! Look for your post to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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The Montco Trail Challenge is a collaborative effort of the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, Planning Commission,
Parks, Trails, and Historic Sites, and Commissioners.