Child Welfare Unit

The attorneys in this unit represent children in Family Court proceedings. Our team is comprised of an attorney and paralegal who work closely with the Social Services Unit, in order to ensure delivery of the highest quality representation to our child clients.  We do a thorough and comprehensive review of the child’s background, delving into any history of abuse and neglect, mental health and substance abuse, and special education matters. This is essential in order to understand and explain to the court the circumstances that brought the child to the dependency system, explore the most effective social services interventions and treatment options, and determine the best placement options for that child. The Child Welfare Unit also works closely with the Juvenile Delinquency Unit on any attendant delinquency matters that child may have, as well as advocating for improvements in child welfare practices and the juvenile court system. We also work closely with the Policy Division in forging partnerships with school and community based organizations in advocating for systemic reform.