Definition/Mission Statement

In prison services, my goal is to make sure that files are made for incarcerated clients with serious F1 and F2 charges; and, that they are interviewed before their preliminary hearing date. This way, our clients can see an attorney before their trial. On the back end of me making files – I have created a means of communication for the attorneys to let me know when their clients have been sentenced. That had to be done in order to ensure that our clients were released in a timely fashion. Also, arrangements to see our clients by video or to speak with them over the phone, with facilities that cooperate, are made through me. Clients incarcerated in MCCF that would like to have their arraignments waived, do this with me by video in the conference room. I also respond to inquiries regarding any issue that an inmate, family member, or friend may have regarding jail and their policies.

In addition to prison/jail policy matters, I am essentially the probation and parole unit here in the PD’s office. If an incarcerated client has a detainer, I will work to get it lifted. If a client needs a Gagnon hearing date scheduled – I am contacting the judge to get it scheduled, etc. Furthermore, counselors and correctional staff from correctional facilities contact me about inmates that have issues dealing with court hearings, Gagnon, or even simply for prison applications. I also work with other public defender office’s to help our joint clients with their prison and probation and parole matters.