Educational Programming

Educational Programming

 We offer a variety of hands-on activities for students of all ages on a wide array of topics pertaining to the Farmstead- the arts, sciences, and history.   We will work with you to create a program that fulfills the requirements of your curriculum and addresses the interests of your group. 

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Bring our educator to you!  Do you need a speaker for your history club, museum, class, or event?  Schedule a program with our interpreter.  Choose from one of our current offerings:

  • Peter Wentz Farmstead Presentation
    Learn about what you will see when visiting the Peter Wentz Farmstead, including a historic house and a functioning farm with animals, as well as the events and programs offered.  This presentation explores the history of the farmstead, from its founding by Peter Wentz, to George Washington’s stay in 1777, to the lengthy Schultz Family ownership, and then restoration by Montgomery County.

  • History of Pennsylvania to 1800:
    Pennsylvania has one of the longest and richest histories in the United States.  This presentation explores some of the important moments of our state’s past: Indigenous peoples and their early contact with European settlers, the founding of a colony based on religious freedom by William Penn, society in colonial Pennsylvania, the colony’s involvement in the Revolutionary War, and the creation of modern Pennsylvania in post-war years.  

  • Life in 18th-Century Pennsylvania:
    We are all fascinated with the Colonial America era and how early Americans lived in ways very different from our lives today.  This presentation explores various facets of life in eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, including social classes, the lives of women and children, fashions and dress, religion, cooking and food, and other topics.  It includes historical diagrams, images, and portraits for visual representation.  The PowerPoint is accompanied with a “traveling trunk” of reproduced eighteenth century articles of clothing and food utensils.

Virtual Outreach is available on request. 


Visit us on-site for a half-day of colonial activities and lessons.  We can accommodate a maximum of 50 students per day.

Please advise staff of any accessibility needs your students may have so we may adequately accommodate everyone.

Restrooms, picnic tables, & gift shop available for on-site visitors. 

Want more information or to schedule a visit?
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