Education & Activities

School Trips at Pennypacker Mills

Explore what life was like 100 years ago by doing some of the same activities. Activities for all ages - children and adults. Make history with us!

For more information or to plan a school trip contact:

Laura Foose, Museum Educator


Note: Some activities available year-round. Minimum of 20 participants, outdoors. 

Educational programs are available during regular museum hours.

Tours of the mansion & each activity take approximately 45 minutes.

All activities are $5.00 per person per day. You may choose as many programs as time will allow, considering the number of participants involved and the time of year.  Teachers and chaperones are free. Activities are based upon a full-day experience and the number of participants.

Picnic grounds are available.

Restrooms are handicapped accessible.
How to schedule: 
Contact us at 610-287-9349