Adoption Information

Montgomery County Orphans' Court assists with a variety of adoption-related proceedings, including terminations of parental rights, private adoptions, agency adoptions, foster care adoptions, step-parent adoptions, second-parent adoptions, registration of foreign adoption decrees, and foreign re-adoptions. 

The Court provides an Adoption Packet to assist both attorneys and pro se filers with their adoption filings. The packet includes petitioner checklists and template petitions and orders. Montgomery County strongly encourages E-Filing of all petitions and forms to ensure prompt receipt and review. 

The Court's Authorized Representative can assist individuals with the adoption search process. More information about who can search and who can be the subject of the search can be found on the Adoption Search Information page. 

Birth parents can find more information about adoption proceedings, their rights after an adoption, and licensed adoption agencies on the Birth Parent Information page. Montgomery County also maintains a Counseling Fund to provide birth parents with assistance in obtaining counseling regarding their adoption.

If you should have any questions regarding adoptions in Montgomery County, please contact  the Clerk of Orphans' Court, at or 610-278-3400.