Adult Mental Health Supports and Services


The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Early Intervention (OMH) helps ensure community services are available to children, adolescents, adults, and families living throughout county. OMH plans, funds, and monitors services provided by contracted agencies. 

The Montgomery County adult mental health system is guided by Trauma-Informed Care Best Practices, as well as established principles of Recovery and Resiliency. At the foundation is the belief that people can and do recover from serious mental illnesses. The experience of recovery is different for each person and it is not synonymous with “cure”. Despite the presence of significant challenges, an individual can live a full and meaningful life by developing ways to maintain wellness. The goal of mental health services is to provide support that enables someone to learn and practice wellness strategies that help the person achieve their goals and dreams.  

Do you or a loved one need mental health supports? Please see below for how to get started: 

Other Services

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