Plan Recording Info

Previewing Plans

  1. If you would like us to preview your plan before you mail it to our office, please email the plan to
  2. Our office will preview it for recording requirements if requested, our office will act as a liaison with the Planning Commission and the Board of Assessment, Mapping and Registry Departments to obtain required approvals.
  3. After receiving approvals, customers may bring plans into our office or submit by mail to either of our addresses, with required fee, and a return label. See our fee schedule for recording fees.  If you send copies to be time-stamped, you still only pay for the one copy we are recording. 
  4. If you choose to mail a plan to our office, we will process with our regular mail. We will obtain the stamp from the Planning Commission and registry stickers from the Board of Assessment.
  5. Please provide sufficient size mailer and postage to return your stamped copies and receipt to you in the mail.
  6. Feel free to call our office at any time during the process for further information or explanation.
NEW: We have added a drop box in the lobby of One Montgomery Plaza for dropping off recordings and plans. Please make sure you are following the same recording requirements as you would if you mailed documents and that all plans have been pre-screened and pre-approved. Click here for more information on utilizing the drop box.


  • Montgomery County Planning Commission Approval
  • Parcel Sticker from Registry Office in Board of Assessments Office
  • All Parcel Numbers must be CLEARLY written on document
  • Ownership must be noted
  • Owner of Record must sign off and be acknowledged
  • Ownership Line should be separate from the acknowledgment,
    • Corporations and Limited Partnerships MUST state the Company Name PLUS have the person sign with TITLE on Ownership Line
  • Full Notary acknowledgment MUST match the information on the Ownership Line:
    • Person’s name if individual, OR
    • Person’s name, title and name of company if corporation or partnership
  • MUST have township/borough approval:
    • Within 90 days of date noted, OR
    • Original 90 day letter, stating past 90 days with approval to record, MUST be attached
  • Plans must be SCANNABLE and LEGIBLE throughout and CANNOT be folded
  • Preferably plans should be submitted on paper; however we will accept Mylar
  • Plans must be 24” x 36"

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