Anti-Violence & Bullying Prevention

The District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to the prevention of violence against children both in and out of our schools. Programs specially developed for kids, and presented to schools throughout the County, address the basic premise that bullying of any kind, including cyber-bullying, is considered a criminal act and will not be tolerated by school officials or law enforcement.

In 2013, District Attorney Ferman along with Montgomery County Commission Chair Josh Shapiro, former Montgomery County Sheriff Eileen Behr, the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, and the Montgomery County Police Chiefs, announced the creation and release of the Montgomery County Cyber-Bullying and Bullying Task Force Report/Manual. This countywide manual is available for all school entities and educational personnel, along with any agencies, groups or individuals who need a resource to address cyber-bullying and bullying among youth. The manual offers best practices in prevention, response and accountability for cyber-bullying and bullying and was designed as a comprehensive resource for anyone facing the modern challenges of cyber-bullying/bullying.

Montgomery County Cyber-Bullying and Bullying Task Force Manual (May 2013)