Building Services

Public Property Building Services is responsible for the daily operation of county buildings, equipment and environmental services. At any time during the day, you will find this industrious group hurrying throughout the Court House, the Human Services Center, Willow Grove Annex, the Youth Center and One Montgomery Plaza providing building maintenance and custodial services for courtrooms and county offices, the relocation of departments within county buildings and snow removal for various county locations. While county workers sleep, Building Services will be out in a snowstorm clearing walkways and parking lots to provide a safe entry to county buildings for employees and the general public.

The County Mailroom is another facet of Building Services. 'The mail must go through,' is truly the motto of the employees in the county mailroom. With tireless effort, they deliver and pick up at all county offices at all locations. This routing is done several times each day. Outgoing mail is sorted and processed in the County Mailroom via new digital mail machines.

Construction Carpenters

The Public Property Construction Carpenters are a group of skilled carpenters that provide renovations and reconstruction services to the county. Whether it is restoring a courtroom to its original splendor with beautiful wood finishes, which will enhance the history of the room, or creating a project from inception to completion, the Construction Carpenters have the talent and work ethic that will produce an end product worthy of the compliments and recognitions they have received.

The list of accomplishments of the Construction Carpenters is long but includes the completion of a beautiful new Commissioners’ Boardroom and the restoration of several new courtrooms. The schedule of the Construction Carpenters is intense as many county departments demand the services of this group of artisans.

Plant Engineering

Public Property Plant Engineering is comprised of a skilled group, which includes the County Plant Engineer, several Assistant Plant Engineers assigned to larger facilities, plumbers, electricians and technicians. Plant Engineering will respond to building emergencies 24 hours a day seven days per week. Power outages, water problems and heating or cooling shutdowns are just some of the critical situations that Plant Engineering will handle and resolve. The business of each county building will be conducted on a daily basis in a comfortable environment thanks to the ongoing efforts of this group. Plant problems related to heating and cooling, electrical or plumbing are handled internally by this group via work orders. Preventive maintenance is ongoing.

Plumbers and electricians will participate in renovations and construction projects providing the technical expertise. They will work in harmony with the Construction Carpenters on a project to bring it to an expeditious and successful conclusion.

Project Engineering and Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Public Property is extensively involved in renovation and reconstruction projects of various proportions. To successfully develop these projects, Project Engineering and CAD are essential. Technical specifications are prepared for various projects, which include building construction. Computer aided design is employed to create drawings for ongoing projects. A list of the various building construction projects that Public Property is currently involved in is located at another area on this site.

Consultation with architects and engineers must occur on a regular basis as projects are created and evolve. Extensive meetings, intensive discussion and ongoing communication with professional firms will be required before a project is successfully completed. The staff is dedicated to developing a project that is in the best interest of the people of Montgomery County and bringing that project in at a savings to the taxpayers. The County commissions the Public Property Department to develop and complete each capital construction project within budget parameters. Public Property will produce the project within the designated timeline and budget. Total success is the history of Public Property and is anticipated for all future projects.

Transportation Department

Public Property Transportation is charged with the responsibility of the operation and maintenance of the county's multi-level garages and parking lots. A parking access system controls vehicle entry and exit for monthly and daily parking patrons. Transportation administers parking accounts, including wait listing, distributing new accounts and collecting parking fees. There is a staff of Parking Garage Attendants that will cheerfully direct monthly patrons, jurors, and daily parking clientele to the appropriate areas in each facility. Handicapped parking is provided in each parking garage.

Transportation also controls access to the county gasoline distribution system. Each county vehicle is assigned an identification key as is every employee who has access to county vehicles. All keys when used at the county gasoline pumps, record a history of usage per vehicle and employee. This data is collected in the Transportation administration office for the purpose of recording mileage and gasoline usage on each county vehicle, which is charged to each using department.