PA Turnpike Corridor Reinvestment Project

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Project Description

The goal of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Corridor Reinvestment Project is to reinvigorate the business parks along the turnpike from the Valley Forge interchange to the Willow Grove interchange. As part of this project, the planning commission has conducted a study to identify land use and transportation improvements, including new slip ramp interchange locations, which will strengthen business parks in the corridor.


Many of Montgomery County’s office and industrial parks were built near the turnpike in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. These aging parks offer an excellent opportunity for redevelopment. Many young workers and dynamic companies are seeking exciting mixed-use work locations. While many of these businesses can locate anywhere in the region, the turnpike system in Montgomery County provides an easy way for people to get to work. One challenge of the turnpike system is the distance between interchanges, which forces a lot of traffic to a few interchanges and increases the distance to job locations after exiting the turnpike.

To reinvigorate their employment centers, many local municipalities are looking at future land uses and development for their office parks, and the turnpike commission is examining how to increase revenue and make its system more effective. The turnpike corridor reinvestment project pulls these different efforts into a coordinated plan of action for local municipalities, the county, PennDOT, and the turnpike commission.

Project Area

The study includes all industrial and office areas served by the turnpike and focuses on seven areas:

  1. King of Prussia (Upper Merion)
  2. Swedeland (Upper Merion)
  3. Norristown/Plymouth (Norristown, Plymouth, Bridgeport)
  4. Plymouth Meeting/Blue Bell (Plymouth, Whitpain, Whitemarsh)
  5. Fort Washington (Upper Dublin, Whitemarsh)
  6. Willow Grove (Upper Moreland, Horsham, Upper Dublin)
  7. Horsham

Project Scope

The study includes an analysis of existing land use and transportation conditions, modeling of traffic conditions, identification of potential turnpike slip ramp interchanges, and proposed land uses and development in the business parks.

Project Partners 

  • Montgomery County Planning Commission
  • Upper Merion Township
  • Norristown Municipality
  • Plymouth Township
  • Whitpain Township
  • Whitemarsh Township
  • Upper Dublin Township
  • Upper Moreland Township
  • Horsham Township
  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Boles, Smyth Associates, inc.
  • McCormick Taylor   
Project progress