Internship Program (Coroner)

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office (MCCO) awards selected undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity of working alongside board-certified forensic pathologists, highly trained autopsy technicians and skilled deputy coroners. This desirable internship program is designed for students majoring in forensic science, pathology, medicolegal death investigation, criminology/criminal justice, or any closely related field. Under the direction of MCCO staff, students selected to intern at MCCO are involved in all aspects of the death investigation process. Students will become familiar with the policies and procedures of daily office operations to include:  

    Observe and assist with autopsies 

    Respond to death scenes

    Screening incoming calls to 
     determine Coroner’s jurisdiction

    Assist with data sample collection

    Handling and processing evidence 

    Forensic photography 

    Review medical records 

    Intake and release of remains 

    Records administration 

Coroner Intern Photograph

The MCCO internship program allows students the opportunity to explore career options in forensics and gain skills that complement their academic goals. Our program also allows the opportunity to build relationships with other professionals in law enforcement and other related fields. Unfortunately, our program is unpaid at this time. 

Coroner Intern Photograph

Our internship program typically runs through the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Depending on availability, interns receive two weekdays per week for up to 12 weeks. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive recognition through a certificate of completion.

Interested applicants wishing to be considered for an internship at MCCO are encouraged to apply. Please note that the Summer term often fills up more than a year in advance. 

Role of the Intern
Internship Application