Court Care

Drop-In, Licensed Child Care Available

The Montgomery County Court Care is a licensed drop-in child care center operated by the Montgomery County Commissioners. The facility was established to provide a safe, secure, child-oriented environment where families or jurors can comfortably and confidently leave their children while they attend to their court-related, domestic relations business or jury service.

The availability of this service improves county resident’s experience with the county judicial system, facilitates the functioning of the courts and Montgomery County Domestic Relations Office (DRO), and protects young children.


Court care is provided at no cost to families who need this service. Funding for this service is provided by the DRO and court fees.

nondiscrimination /Eligibility in employment and services

The Montgomery County Court Care is solely available to provide short-term child care for county families who have court-related and DRO business and children that are at least 6 weeks old through 12 years of age.

The center is an equal opportunity organization, enrolling children on a first-come, first served basis, without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, disability, age and Limited English Proficiency in both enrollment and hiring practices of staff. Department of Public Welfare licensing regulations limit the maximum number of children by age group that can be served and registration is encouraged.  When the center’s maximum capacity is reached, a waiting list will be maintained.


Families will be greeted by the center staff upon their arrival at the court care program. A brief interview will be conducted by the center director or staff and registration for the drop-in care will be completed at this time. Application to the drop-in care program is made on a daily basis at the center. The application is made by completing the necessary documentation to comply with the Department of Public Welfare regulations. Registration is approximately 10 minutes and should be considered when planning your arrival for court business. It is important to schedule an appointment in advance to guarantee placement for childcare during your court business. Please contact us at (610) 292-4956.


The following information must be on record in order for your child to remain at the court care program:
  • Registration Form
  • Emergency contact and release information
  • Court information (summons, judge or lawyer name and information, court location, etc.)
  • Parent Handbook