Market Statistics

Montgomery County, PA Map


Monthly Reports

 County Profile
- Developed by the Center for Workforce Information Analysis, the County Profile includes economic, geographic, and demographic data.

Workforce Development Area Profile - Developed by the PA Department of Labor & Industry, the Employment Situation Report provides labor force statistics and wage and salary data.

PA Monthly WorkStats - The PA Monthly WorkStats report provides labor market data on the labor force, jobs, and unemployment compensation.


Other Reports

Top 50 Employers & Industries - Developed by the Center for Workforce Information Analysis, the largest employers and industries are ranked by number of employees. (provided quarterly)

Career Posters - The Center for Workforce Information and Analysis has released updated career posters for as of the fall of 2021. These eye-catching posters, which are marketed toward our future workforce, highlight top occupations at various educational levels for each of 12 industry clusters. Wage information and projected annual openings for the occupations are displayed. Printable PDFs are available for Pennsylvania, as well as each of the local Workforce Development Areas (WDAs).